CFP - Certified Financial Planner Courses in India 

Published: 18th March 2010
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CFP - Certified Financial Planner Courses in India 

Particularly in the last decade, demand for  CFP Courses or Certified Financial Planner has risen, as individuals have had to assume more responsibility for their own retirement and other financial decisions. Considering the fact that people's incomes are on the rise, they are seeking guidance to invest their money in the right avenues to reap optimum benefits.

Those who are on the lookout for a job in a firm, in India and internationally the opportunities are plentiful and growing fast. Companies such as JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Fidelity, Citi Bank, Franklin Templeton, HDFC Bank, Kotak, American Express, Reliance, HSBC Bank and ING are a few among the various market leaders that actively recruit CFPs.
The CFPCM Certificant has all the necessary knowledge and skills to give financial planning advice and therefore his services are sought after by banks, wealth management companies, KPO's, Financial Planning companies Insurance companies, etc.

On successful completion of any such program the student earns Diploma in Advanced Financial Planning. In addition to this, the student gets CFPCM designation, the most prestigious and internationally accepted Financial Planning qualification, recognized and respected by the global financial community.

Benefits of the  CFP certification programs are manifold to the aspiring candidates:

1.Enhanced career and employment opportunities with Financial Services companies. Services are sought by banks, distribution houses, AMC, insurance Companies, equity broking and Financial Planning firms.

2.Personal satisfaction of achieving the Financial Planning profession's highest standard and achieving the global benchmark.

3.Satisfied clients who appreciate the comprehensive approach to Financial Planning and extend long-term relationship and referrals.

4.CFPCM is an industry promoted program and is completely a recession proof career.

5.More revenue avenues by increasing products and services offered.

6.You join the global league of the best Financial Planning professionals.

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